Top 10 Must Have Library Furniture for a Great Customer Experience

Fiction Divider Set (A-Z)

It goes without saying that we are living in the age of eBooks, tablets, iPads etc. But no gadget can replace a good book that is filled with knowledge. There is no better way than showcasing a vast collection in a personal, cozy, and calm space we call a “Library”.

And when it comes to choosing furniture for today’s library, you need something more than form and functionality. Library furniture must look appealing and attractive as per the surroundings. It is always wise to choose a futuristic design rather than a trendy one. After all, you want to create a welcoming environment for bookworms who need nothing but a calm place to focus. With that said, we are here with some of the cool but sensible library furniture ideas to keep your customers hooked –

1. Section Dividers

Organise your library with these cool and handy section dividers to designate authors and genres in a more organised way. Help users to easily navigate the collection of books while improving the overall look of the library. You can choose from top quality section dividers made of durable and top quality polypropylene in Australia.

2. Book Holders

Used to store books in libraries, these book holders serve as library racks designed according to industry regulations and standards. They are capable of bearing heavy loads and are designed with clear acrylic. They can easily meet the diverse needs of libraries.

3. DVD Holders

These strong acrylic holders are best suited to keep DVDs, series, or books by the same author. You can showcase a collection of DVDs or series in these stylish alternatives to boxes. They can also help maximise the space of front-facing books. They are known to have good grip with clear rubber feet without causing any damage to shelves.

4. 3D Landscape Signs

These stylish signs are the best choice to define the category or genre of books. These signs are made of top quality satin black acrylic. You can choose them with either adhesive or magnetic feet on their base. Each sign can have up to 16 characters as per the length you choose. You just need to tell us what would you want to write and these signs are customised as per your needs. You can also choose them from different colors.

5. Door Announcement Signs

Make lasting first impression in front of your guests. It’s time to say “Goodbye” to traditional paper signs and use professionally designed signs. This double-sided sign is made of 3mm acrylic. You can have a professionally looking finish with pure black acrylic having white graphics. You can choose from different designs and colors. These signs are mostly made to order.

6. 3D Lettering

To create an eye-catching 3D finish, this acrylic laser cut lettering is modern technology. You can choose any shape, font and character to make your own 3D lettering. Top quality acrylic is used and each sign is offered with a positing or spacing template. This way, you can easily place the lettering anywhere you like to get a modern finish.

You can choose from internal or external usage signs. Internal signs have adhesive backing to peel and stick .On the other side, external signs are cut with 6mm thicker material to deal with external elements. If you want to install these signs on uneven or brick surfaces, liquid nails are used. Vinyl lettering basically comes in white or black and the font is Arial, by default. You can choose from different types of colors and fonts.

7. Shelf Talkers

Made of durable and top quality 3mm acrylic, these shelf talkers are designed to sit on cross poles, dust covers, or any flat surface. All in all, they are self supporting. The signs can easily slide on the shelf when the size of the collection changes. You can choose what you want to be printed and get the signs as per your needs. They are made of 1.9mm thick polypropylene so books can easily sit flat on the sign. The sign still remains straight when books are removed thanks to its magnetic base. On each sign, maximum 2 words should be used or text looks too small.

8. Vinyl Lettering

Add style to your library by using customised vinyl decals and lettering and get rid of traditional printed paper signs. You can choose from different quality vinyl letters from top brands and place your decal for longer.

9. Custom Signage

You can choose from the widest range of custom signage which is neither expensive nor too complex. You can choose these solutions for return chutes, entrance, wall-mounted display or at any place to form a unique finish.

10. Talk Bubbles

These cute acrylic talk bubbles are highly impactful and eye-catching rather than traditional displays and posters. You can use them in sets of six or more bubbles. These bubbles are suspended with 80lb fluorocarbon from the ceiling. They make you feel that they are floating in the air. You can choose from transparent or glowing edges. Each bubble has two clips to use on hooks or a grid.

Bottom Line

With strong focus on form, functionality, style and quality, Merchandising Libraries is the leading seller and manufacturer of premium quality library furniture with clients based in US, UAE, Canada and New Zealand. They deliver top quality library display tools and signage made with top quality materials in Australia. They are backed by a highly skilled team to tailor the products as per unique needs of libraries.